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*August 10, 2008*

"To define a person not on what they do, but for the reasons as to why they do them,"… it’s something that I’ve been trying to adapt to in the later part of my life. Sure, you all can say to me many times over that I’m disobedient, stubborn, or whatever insult to my personality you would like to throw. Keep throwing them, because I’m going to follow my own path with my own reasons behind my actions.

The piece of paper that the man gave me… I threw it away hours after. There was something else on my mind at the time, and I knew that I couldn’t have Yinca or Liepard around for me to finalize my decision. I kept them in the dark about it, expecting me to resolve something with my new idea; something that I wanted to try ever since I heard the television minutes prior to me throwing out the note.

I recall the event well; on the television, as I was resting in the pokemon center, I noticed a certain ad on the television there. I watched it intensively, since the word ‘nuzlocke’ seemed to be used a lot. Upon closer inspection, I heard the name ‘Kitsune’ as well. At first, I was hoping to hear that Robert Kitsune was going to mentioned so that I could get some payback for what he did, but a different first name appeared with that last name.

“Christian Kitsune,” that was the name. I was stunned once I heard the name; I froze in my seat from just hearing that Robert had an older brother. On the television, the lady was showing up a picture of the man’s face; he had long brown hair and wore what looked to be a very slime black sweatshirt. His eyebrows were slanted downward, making him seem like a more serious individual; it even made him look menacing to me in a way.

However, this wasn’t enough for my appetite for information, so I continued onward, expecting some more juicy details. From what the news reporter stated, in Rustboro’s pokemon gym, there is going to be a match held between one of the members of the Hoenn elite four and Christian Kitsune, and the elite four member was by the name of Sidney.

The elite four; a massive amount of power are still in their very hands as I write these words years after the date of August 10th, 2008 even took place. There’s a group of four members in every pokemon region, each one having their skills honed and their power off the charts. Their ways of training pokemon are very intriguing, which reflects the amount of power they hold. Not only that, but at the end of the elite four stood a champion; one human that had the title of best trainer in the region. Most trainers try to hone their skills to perfection so that they could become champions one day. However, getting to the top is far from easy, and because of the death in nuzlockes its been known to be extremely difficult.

However, ever since the nuzlocke fad began many years ago, the elite four seemed to lose that power. Because of how the elite four members fearing that their main pokemon could be killed, they normally get new pokemon and raise them in quick, cheaper ways. Nobody really knows the sequence or how long it normally takes… and sometimes people even wonder how many pokemon they capture before each training cycle.

Once I saw that news report, I found no real reason to go to that stupid address. This was great news to me. Think about it; I could preach in front of all of those people and then I could actually try to get my opinion spoken out to them. At the time, I of course thought that this was a great idea.

I knew exactly where the gym was, for it was only two city blocks away from the pokemon center. It was also easy to find because, once I stepped out the door, I noticed a traffic jam directing itself towards the gym and the gym’s small parking lot. When I arrived, I knew that the battle was so close to actually occurring.

The walk to the gym was irritating though; the people around me couldn’t have been more annoying to be with. As I walked by the many cars that led to the gym, I became slightly deaf because of the constant sound of car horns going off. Each person was eager to see this battle unfold; the elite four were a very popular group of people, and its not every day that they just accept random challenges from people.

I kept coughing as I continued onwards. The exhaust pipes of the many cars polluted the air around me, and my lungs couldn’t take it so easily. To them, it was the most dangerous poison, and that signaled me to move faster; I needed to get inside the gym quickly.

The streets were packed with people; some running, some walking. They all shared the same motive of, “I want to see that battle!” Running at a great pace soon became difficult, mostly because I couldn’t sprint five meters without accidently running into someone who rapidly slows down. I had to apologize to many people along my run to the gym.

Pokemon Gyms were known to fitting many audience members in the bleachers. Big crowds normally attended pokemon battles, for people saw them as great entertainment. Police guards were posted at the doors, making sure that no man or woman would commit crime or harm a being in such a populated area. These two men were decently equipped with their beating sticks, pistols (which were pretty rare to see since guns aren’t exactly mass-produced anymore), pokeballs (probably with arcanines and the like inside of them) and their walkie-talkies. Policemen don’t use the nuzlocker’s tech on their pokeballs, but a gunshot to the head is all it takes to kill a pokemon, even without nuzlocker tech. The physics in this world, ever since pokemon came to be, are oddly specific.

Upon entering the gym, I noticed that the guards blocked the door behind me. “No more room is available for any more people. Please, come again next time,” One of the guards said. There wasn’t much of an uproar, to my surprise, so I’m glad that they took their denial well. I smirked as I continued to walk through the halls, for I found it so lucky that I was accepted in as the last viewer… and ironically, I’m the main who wants the fad that everyone wants to see to end.

I decided to wait in the halls as the swarms of people moved quickly to their seats. I felt it only natural that I would wait for everyone else to pick their seats before me. I didn’t want to get involved in the rustle and bustle of human eagerness. I remained in the halls, sighing to myself as I heard the announcer yelling joyfully in the stadium room, trying to ‘pump up’ the audience.

The stadium room itself made up most of the building. In fact, it is so big that it could fit nearly 2,000 – 4,000 people inside it. Gyms in this region were that huge, and that’s excluding the pokemon battle arena in the middle of the room. The area that the arena took seemed to stretch to the size of a football field. I knew this, so eying it as I peeked through an open door to the room didn’t surprise me.

Soon, the entire hallway was left to myself. I could nearly hear my heartbeat; it was so quiet. Occasionally, I would hear the crowd and announcer cheer as the main event was about to begin. I had my back leaned against the wall with my arms crossed. I chuckled a bit, finding the situation to be completely hilarious; we’ve downgraded as human beings. “We’re like the fucking Gladiators,” I chuckled to myself. “Except we’re having animals fight for us to the death. My Arceus.”

I soon began to feel pleasure as I continued to lean on the wall. I wanted to rest again; go back to sleep and dream everything away, for this all seemed to be a bad dream to me. At the time, I thought I was still on that plane, waiting to arrive in Hoenn to get picked up by Arreka. But, instead of nuzlocking, we would see the world together; just her and I. We would find new friends along the way, both people and pokemon. We would become the best of friends with each of them and just continue to travel the world, just so we could see more and more glorious sights.

However, it soon came to me that this experience wasn’t a dream; those violent deaths I’ve seen weren’t apart of some stupid nightmare. I was trapped in the reality of real life; the one place where I can’t control everyone’s actions; I could only control so little. I couldn’t set Arreka back to the way I once remembered her; she was apart of the fad now; the fad I now completely and utterly despise.

Suddenly, I heard footsteps from the end of the hallway. I didn’t even use much energy to turn my head to the source of the sounds. However, midway into looking over to them, I soon realized who the man was and just looked away. The man seemed to chuckle at the sight of me, for the fact that I had disobeyed instructions yet, by fate, we were placed in the same area once again.

“So, you also used your gut?” The man asked me.

I didn’t want to bother replying back, but by the looks of things, he didn’t seem angry at me for what I did. “Yes, I did.”

“You know, this area was supposed to be arranged for me and the ‘bigger guys’ to handle, but with you being here it only proves that I made the right decision in chosing you.”

“Quit it,” I sharply replied. “I’m here because I chose to and that’s that. Also, what do you mean by, ‘the bigger guys?’ Where were you planning on sending me?”

“I wanted you to at least get a grip, or a handle, on what I plan for you to help my group members and I accomplish,” The man continued on and on about his plan. I soon became enlightened; he began to inform me that he was a part of something much greater.

From the beginning, he knew that nuzlocking was a terrible idea, for it only continued to separate the ties between human pokemon by slaughtering thousands upon millions of pokemon. I asked him why he didn’t use the term billion and if they were actually slaughtered to that degree, but he seemed to shiver at my question. It only proved that there were many more deaths than I originally thought.

“My group specializes in the end; we are planning to end the nuzlocke once and for all,” the man continued on. “We recognize the fact that death is a part of life and that we cannot change such natural measures. However, just because there is death doesn’t mean that it is right to add more souls to the death toll, especially when the numbers of unneeded deaths are rising to an incredible amount.”

“And those ‘guys’ you mentioned earlier?”

“They’re apart of it too; its just that I wanted you to be a part of the lesser group members so you could get used to what we do. We assign groups of people to certain areas based on their pokemon’s strength as the trainer’s strength and will to either move on or the brains to know when to flee. Each attribute of every person involved in my group are assessed and we put a variety of personalities together in each group.”

“So some of the people watching this match in particular are…”

“Members of my organization, yes.”

“Why are you telling me this?”

“Because you asked.”



“… That’s it?” I asked.

“That’s it.” The man seemed so nonchalant about him giving me his explanation. It was too strange to me, especially since I always kept thinking, somewhere deep down, that he had a plan for me. “What, were you expecting a different reason? If you want to join us and aid us, then by all means come on and aid us in our time of need. However, if you don’t want to join, then… Ok then; we won’t hold it against you.”

“But… didn’t you say I was ‘chosen’ by you or something?”

“Oh yes, but that’s what I say to every person I try to recruit.” All of a sudden I started to really hate this man. From what he started to tell me, it sounded like he did have a main plan for me. However, now he’s making it out like I actually do have a choice and there wasn’t much of a fallback if I choose to leave. I began to wonder why he was allowing me to go off the hook so easily, but by the time I in the middle of thinking about it, he had already started walking away.

“Hey, wait!” I yelled out to him. I started running after him, but he didn’t seem to care; he just continued walking down the steps, passing by the many aisles of bleachers. The amount of people in the bleachers were too high to even count. I expected this man to choose a seat for us to sit in, but he just continued walking. I continued to follow him, for I was still curious about his actions and what he was doing. “You know, the word ‘wait’ means for you to hold it and stop where you are. You know that, right?”

Finally, the both of us were behind a wall of sorts. It wasn’t exactly above our height (it reached up to about our mid-sections) and we were able to see the action from here. He turned over to me, and he only smirked at me and replied back with a, “You know, the main reason why I told you was that I wanted you to come with me and help my organization. You’ll be gladly rewarded and you will be a part of something that will change the world. That is, if you decide to join us.”

“I’m still thinking about it,” I replied back to him. Both of us turned our faces to the arena, watching as the battle was now about to begin.

I wasn’t paying attention to the announcer anymore; I was too focused on the two trainers that were standing on opposite sides of the arena. The challenger, Christian Kitsune, stood at one end, having the expression that showed immense amounts of determination. He wore and looked the same way as he did in the picture in that news ad, except her wore black sweat pants from the looks of things. He held one of his pokeballs firmly in his hands as he looked over at the elite four member, Sidney, self-proclaimed master of dark-type pokemon.

Sidney wore what looked to be a red collared shirt with a black vest over it. He wore dress pants, which made him seem like the classy time to me. However, once I noticed that odd hair formation on his head I knew that he wasn’t as classy as I once assumed. His hair looked like a small afro or something that looked like a chimchar’s hairdo. It was really hard to describe such an odd look.

The spectators around us were cheering loudly as the announcer continued on with his rambling introduction speeches. The man next to me had to cover his ears, for the cheering was getting to loud. My heart began to beat faster, for I was incredibly nervous about what was going to take place in this battle today.

Finally, the challenger spoke. “Sidney, may the best man win.”

“Let’s just hope that it’s me,” The elite four member replied with a cocky smirk.

“I can know and hope,” Christian began to say as he lifted his pokeball into the air. “However, you could only dream.”

The announcer’s words finally entered my head as the two trainers finally began to ready their throws. “Let the pokemon battle between Christian and Sidney finally commence!”

Finally, it was time for this battle to unfold.

Christian was the first to act; he threw out his first pokeball, releasing his first pokemon of choice. From the pokeball emerged a grand, white flash of pure energy that lit the room and flickered away in an instant. From the pokeball, a large, reptile-like pokemon stood with a large, leafy tail. The pokemon was green and bipedal, and upon release, the pokemon unleashed a mighty cry, revealing to the audience it’s species name. “Sceptile!” The pokemon yelled out.

Sidney was soon to follow, now releasing his second pokemon of choice. The pokemon emerged from the pokeball, landing firmly on the ground with its ‘sandal-like’ wooden feet. The pokemon was covered in a white fur; fur so long that it masked most of its body besides its nose, feet, and branch-like arms. The pokemon carried angry yellow eyes as it faced towards its opponent; the sceptile.

Sidney grinned, “Grass type versus Grass type, I see.” Christian nodded back and let off a small chuckle. “Well, let’s just see if your sceptile can survive my Shiftry.”

The first to act was Christian yet again. He didn’t even bother replying; he simply yelled out the command “Use X-Scissor!”

The Sceptile leaped forward to start off its wrenchingly fast-paced dash towards the pokemon. The sharp leaves on its arms began to glow in a harsh green. I remember seeing the eyes of the attacker; its eyes indicated its motive; to kill swiftly and effectively. I looked over at the Shiftry at the other side of the arena. He only stood there, watching as the pokemon continued it fast-paced dash.

“Shiftry, dodge it, and use Double Team!” Sidney yelled out.

Shiftry easily heard the order; he quickly leaped out of the way as the sceptile’s leaf-like blades slashed the air next to him. The sceptile eyed the Shiftry as it leaped away and then bounced back.  The shiftry then began to run swiftly around the sceptile, and, by pure illusion, soon became 2. I looked over at the man standing beside me, still watching as the battle continued. By the time I looked back at the arena, I realized that those two Shiftries then became 8, then 16!

The man next to me began to sigh. “Double Team; what a treacherous move.” I looked over at him, confused by his remark. He looked over at me, recognizing my confusion almost instantly. “Double Team is a move used to confuse the opponent and wear them down by attacking multiple, yet fake, targets. It’s like putting someone in a bin of hats; you’ll never know where the person is hiding without planning to check all of the hats.”

“So… at that rate, the sceptile would have to attack all of them one at a time?”

“Not exactly,” The man stated. “Sometimes, some pokemon are trained to have certain moves that allow them to attack many targets at once.”

Before I could ask what type of move that would be, I noticed that Christian soon called out for another order. The trainer screamed, “Quick, use Frenzy Plant!” The sceptile acknowledged the command with a swift nod.

Suddenly, the sceptile placed both of its arms on the ground. Sceptile began to groan and scream. As he continued his cry, large vines appeared from the ground. The audience awed at the sight of such a powerful move. I at least knew this move at the time; it was like a grass type hyper beam, but a physical move where the grass pokemon summons large, thorny vines to its aid.

The vines soon scattered around the Sceptile, and as moments passed each one of the fake Shiftries began to disappear. In one quick fell swoop, the vines slammed into the Shiftries, making them all disappear. That is, except for one in particular. I took note of the last Shiftry now standing; blood was falling from its body, and the large amounts of white fur soon became polluted with red liquid.

The attack had hit hard, but with one look back at the sceptile, I noticed that it was panting incredibly deep. Christian quickly returned Sceptile back to his pokeball, allowing it to rest after the attack. Like I said, its like a hyper beam type of move; the pokemon needs to rest from fatigue.

Without a moment’s notice, Christian soon called out another pokemon. He threw out what looked to be a bipedal chicken-like creature. The feathers were marvelous, ranging from many colors like red, gray, and orange. The pokemon yelled out its name, “Blaziken!” as it emerged. “Quick, while its down, kill it with a flamethrower!”

Kill; that word knocked me up a bit. From just hearing that word made me remember the events that transpired a few days earlier; when Arekka brought those two devils of trainers with her. I hated them both; I hated them for turning my sister into a nuzlocke trainer, especially after what I had seen the actions of what nuzlocke trainers commit.

The Blaziken unleashed a large amount of flames onto the Shiftry. Flames soon erupted around the shiftry, making him catch on fire. What happened afterwards nearly scarred me for life one again; the pokemon began to scream in major agony. The screams were dark-toned, but the screams of immense pain were loud and noticeable. I watched as everyone except for the man next to me applauded for the swift kill on Christian’s part.

I kept looking over at the Shiftry, watching as flames continued to devour the pokemon. The screams were still loud, but with each passing moment, the screams began to turn into yells of pain. The blaziken and everyone else just stood there, watching as the pokemon slowly burned alive. I didn’t want to watch this; I wanted to do something, but this time I just couldn’t move! Something was forbidding me from doing so.

Soon, the yells turned to mere whisper-tone, until finally the cries stopped. My heart was pounding incredibly fast as my eyes continued to watch as the flames soon began to fade. The pokemon was no longer burning, but … honestly, that would be implying that there was now a pokemon to burn. The remains that were present in Shiftry’s spot… were nothing but ashes and some remains of twigs and leaves; nothing more.

My mind flashes back to when the grinding began to occur on that pack of liepards. I remember Arekka, Rooxie, and Robert all contributing to the slaughter. I remembered the blood, and soon the memory began to take picture, covering my eyes. It was like I was no longer in that room; I was now back in that forest, watching as the three of them commanded their pokemon to slaughter and kill.

I remember watching as the pokemon screamed as they slowly burned alive. I remember when the pokemon were screaming as they bled to death as the attacking pokemon finished them off. I remember the offspring of the Liepards scattering around, looking for someone to help, for their parents were now either dying or dead. I covered my eyes with my hand, holding in the tears and attempting to block that picture from my eyes.

However, no matter how hard I tried to cover my eyes, the picture continued to play in my head. Over and over, death and more death, the lives of pokemon were being tossed away like chess pieces on a chess board. Beings are living; they shouldn’t be treated like wooden pieces to some old game.

My breathing began to slow down again, for I was attempting to calm myself down. The pictures were getting too much for me to handle. Soon, I found myself back in the room, watching the arena. However, there was a massive difference from when I first zoned out; I didn’t remember two more corpses being laid out on the floor.

The man next to me only observed with a long frown. I began to observe the other two corpses. On one side, there were the remains of a cacturne; a cactus like pokemon with a weird, green, hat-like formation on its head. I couldn’t even tell it from its original form; the cacturne was burned so severely that’s its insides were still glowing from the flames it had taken hits from. The eyes were closed shut from the pain, and the body itself was torched so severely that the pokemon was black all over.

I looked over at the other body; it was that of a sharpedo, oddly enough. I never understood how water pokemon like sharpedo were able to move well on land, but I guess I just didn’t study much at the time in that aspect. The sharpedo was a shark pokemon, and, from what I remembered, the pokemon had a white stomach, as well as a blue color on the top, which also was the color of its fin. However, that was what I thought they were supposed to look like; the one I saw then and there was nothing like the ones I remembered.

The sharpedo was slices clean in multiple slices, almost like it was sliced clean in half two to three times. Blood was still flowing from the body as the pieces of the corpse slid slowly along the blood streams. “Dreadful,” The man beside me finally uttered. “Just dreadful.” He finally looked over at me and tapped me on the head, for I was now completely out of it; I couldn’t grasp this correctly; the fact that people found this as a form of entertainment seemed unsound. “Conrad, aren’t you going to do something?”

“Hm!?” I quickly replied back. I was trying to get my mind back together from those awful images, but it was getting too much for my mind to handle. As I turned towards the man beside me, I noticed that a clean-up crew member began to move away the corpses, for it now made the battlefield all cluttered. “Oh, um… say, well… didn’t you say that other people were helping you?”

“Yes, I did.” The man’s tone was at its darkest; he was severely angry. He looked straight at me and his frown grew two times its original size. “And now I want to see what you’re going to do about this. A very powerful trainer is doing something that you don’t want to see him do; he is commiting an act that, to us two, is severely cruel and unjust. Now, I want to know, are you just going to let that man slide? I expected you to actually try to prevent the second death, for Arceus sakes!”

“You’re expecting shit from me!?” I yelled out. “Dude, for one thing, I don’t even know your fucking name! To me, you’re just one insane man that wants me killed! Sure, I want to do something, but…”

“But what?”

“… Look at him,” I instructed. He turned his head over to Christian. The trainer now had his Blaziken and Sceptile in front of him. Both of the pokemon showed signs of slight fatigue, however, they still seemed able to fight more. This sent chills down my spine; for now there were going to be even more burns and slashes. “How am I supposed to stop a guy like that? He’s too powerful for us; his pokemon are wiping away Sidney’s so easily that it makes me wonder if my own friends would die in the first five seconds! It also doesn’t help the fact that- …”

“That what?”

“… I-… *sigh* I’ve been through this situation before; so many pokemon died in front of me, and I was too cowardly to do anything,” I began to explain. “And even when I finaly did do something, so many lives were already gone.”

While I was beginning to talk, Sidney let out a growl of rage. He quickly grabbed two other pokeballs from his pockets and threw them out and called them by their species names. “Absol, Mightyena, you’re my last hope!”

Absol first emerged from the pokeball. From my first look, I somehow had the feeling that both of these pokemon were females; I didn’t know why at the time. Their statures and attitudes were different from the male pokemon I saw before. They didn’t exactly take a completely rage-filled stance. In actuality, they were kind of nervous if anything. They looked strong and bulky, but those words ‘my last chance’ made them already know that most of their team was already dead. From previous experiences, most of the women I’ve seen have been more emotional about tragedies in their life in comparison to males. In fact, with my sensitivity I wouldn’t be surprised if someone accused me of being a transgender.

The Absol had long, white fur. Her face was dark, but her expression showed a bright soul from within. Her eyes were dark red, but in a way that made her seem more innocent than aggressive. On the right side of her head remained a ‘razor’ formation, which extended off because of bone structure, but was covered by a sharp layer of skin. The mightyena, however, looked extremely angry. Her stance wasn’t perfect, however, I could tell was out for a bloody revenge. Her black and gray fur stood on end as she raised her paws into the air. She let off a long howl that echoed throughout the area.

“Two on two?” Christian finally asked. Sidney only nodded back. Christian, now revealing a more cocky side to them, easily agreed to the deal, sending back out his Sceptile and Blaziken to take over.

The man beside me grabbed onto my head as the battle continued out of my vision. I could hear the screams and yells as pokemon were being attacked and slaughtered from the right side of my head. “Listen, Conrad. I may not know much about humans yet, however, I know that you in particular are the right one for this job. I need you to be the first one to start the protest.”


“My members will follow in your footsteps. They need someone to start off the protest here; I need you to go into that arena and save those last two lives if you can. I wished that you went before and saved more, but I guess I just didn’t pay attention to your emotions or at least waiting for you to heal mentally. Because of that, I am sorry.”

“… Who are you?” I asked him.

Finally, he seems prepared to give me an answer. “My name is Suu-cra Tundra.”

“How exactly do you want me to do this?”

“You have your PDA in your pocket, right?”

“Yes, and what about it?”

“Let’s just say I checked your number out and I memorized it completely. However, why I did it is none of your business for right now. Right now, I need you to keep that phone on. When it is time for you to leave, I will call you. Make sure you leave once I call.”

At first, I was actually very curious as to why he actually had looked into the number of my PDA, however, reviewing my main priorities snapped me out of it. I looked over at the battlefield. My eyes widened at the aftermath of the actions I missed seeing. I saw as the mightyena and absol were now being attacked solely by the Blaziken. The two pokemon were thrown onto their backsides, soon being pounded at continuously in their rib areas. Which each pound, blood erupted from their mouths.

One punch after another, the two pokemon coughed up more and more blood. Soon, the mightyena was able to roll over onto its stomach, and the Blaziken easily tossed away the Absol, throwing her against the wall. The mightyena’s eyes were opened as wide as possible, with blood falling from her muzzle. She had her paw raised for some reason, and her body was facing her trainer. I had a feeling that the mightyena was calling out for help. As more blood fell from her moth, Sidney only looked away, and I stood there with anger ferociously building up in my body. I took a look over to the Absol, watching as her eyes were shut tightly, almost like she was willing to let herself die right away. Blood was now pouring from her body, making her body now a part of a blood puddle forming around her.

“You know,” I began to say to Suu-cra. “I just remembered something; at that incident awhile back, the reason why I started moving into the grinding session in the first place was because I simply just said ‘Fuck it.’”

“Fuck it?” Suu-cra asked, confused by the remark.

“Fuck it,” I replied back. “Two words, by my definition, that resembled a few moments of, not bravery, but simply just doing something while not even caring about any consequence whatsoever, thinking that you have nothing else to lose, so you might as well just say ‘fuck it’ and do whatever the hell you wanna do.”

“I see.”

“So, right now, I guess I just have to say it again.” Immediately, I grabbed hold of the tip of the short wall-barricade in front of me and flung myself over it. I let myself fall into the dirt of the battle arena. Soon, people started to notice my actions; some people were yelling and pointing in my direction as I simply walked towards the source of the violence. The blaziken and trainers soon turned to me, with the sceptile still behind Christian, waiting for the outcome.

I continued to mutter curses under my breath as I walked closer and closer to the nuzlockers. My face expressed the purest amount of anger and hatred. I now could not stand these people, and I just couldn’t stand their awful actions that I had witnessed today. I looked over at Sidney, watching him grip the two pokeballs he used to bring out Mightyena and Absol. The injured pokemon were too injured to move; in fact, I would consider it a miracle that I saw one of them still kicking, which would be the mightyena.

The mightyena was gargling out blood from its mouth as its eyes remained wide and scared. It kept moving around so irrationally, almost like its body was out of control. I began to turn my direction towards Sidney, who simply just remained there, watching me as I walked closer. Sidney waved away the blaziken, making sure that battle-ready pokemon weren’t near me. Fortunately, he didn’t see me as a threat yet. Not even when I was right in front of him. I looked up at him, watching as he curiously stared up to me. I muttered the two words with a small grin. “Fuck it.”

Suddenly, I slammed my fist into the stomach of Sidney, and I watched as saliva drained away from his mouth. I could hear the air rushing away from his mouth, and his eyes were extremely wide from the pain. He dropped to the ground in one punch, which frightened me a bit since I didn’t picture myself to being strong at all; in fact, I had a slimmer figure. As the two pokeballs dropped to the ground, I heard the crowd around me gasp at the “awful” and “treacherous” action I commited. I simply rolled my eyes at their remarks as I grabbed both of the pokeballs.

I directed both of them at Mightyena and Absol. I knew one thing about pokeballs; if pokemon owned by a trainer would die, they would no longer be able to be put into pokeballs. This was something lately placed into the pokeball years ago to make sure that people weren’t dragging around corpses with them, for some nuzlocke trainers didn’t think that some pokemon had died yet.
Quickly, I opened up the pokeballs. With a few bright rays of red light, the two pokemon soon went into the pokeballs. I was so happy that I almost leaped for joy and laughed like a madman once they entered. This was a miracle for me; I didn’t expect for both of them to still be alive. Still, I knew that the pokemon were dying, and they needed to get to a pokemon center ASAP.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” A voice boomed from behind me. I knew it wasn’t Sidney because that weakling was still gasping for breath on the floor. With one turn, I realized that Christian was now staring me down with both his blaziken and his sceptile by his side. “You don’t plan on bringing those to the pokemon center, do you? Remember, nuzlocke battles, especially official ones, must continue until all of the trainer’s pokemon are killed.” I only stood there, staring back at his face with the most atrocious facial expression of anger that I could muster up. My frown was immensely large and distasteful to look at, my eyebrows were slanted downwards, and my eyes were wide, almost like I was trying to see deep within that dark, tainted soul of his. “If you heal them, then that’s like cancelling the match. They were so close to being dead too, so why not just-“

“How about you just shut your goddamn mouth?” I replied back. The crowd gasped again, but I no longer gave a damn about what I was even doing; I couldn’t give any less of a shit at this moment. Christian, however, took this to much offense; he growled at me, and his pokemon both readied their arms and fists, almost like they were ready to deal me some damage. “Seriously, what the hell are you guys on? It’s like I’m surrounded by a bunch of fucking dumbasses! Did humanity de-evolve to the ancient times when we forced humans to fight to the death? For Arceus’s sake, you men and women should be ashamed of yourselves.”

“You have a big mouth, you know,” Christian replied in a low tone. “Tell me, where in the world did you get the nerve to interrupt a very important battle?”

“Ironically, I was born in this city,” I replied back. “Hard to believe, I know; the fact that an anti-nuzlocker is actually from a region that allows a massive amount of nuzlockers to reign over everything and anything.”

“You make us sound like evil men.”

“I hope I make you sound like evil men and women, ‘cause that’s what you guys are!” This guy was really starting to get on my nerves; just talking to nuzlockers is enough to get me riled up. The fact that I have to share the same dirt we walk on is just astounding considering how I haven’t attempted to punch him yet. “All you guys do is kill, kill, and kill some more. That’s how nuzlockes work.”

“There’s more to it than just that,” Christian replied back. “Listen, kid, I-“

“It’s Conrad!” I yelled to him as I stomped my right foot against the ground. “C-O-N-R-A-D Hyno. That’s my name!”

“Alright, Alright,” He began to say to me as he shoved his hands in the air, signaling for me to calm down. I didn’t want to calm down; I was talking to, in my eyes, a freaking murderer. “There’s no need to get all red-headed here. I understand why you hate nuzlocking, but nuzlocking is more than just murdering other pokemon; there’s a much deeper meaning than that.”

“Deeper?” I asked.

“Deeper.” He replied.

“Deeper than the holes you’ve dug?”

“… Excuse me?”

I can admit it here; that remark I pulled out there was out of line. It was offensive for me to even say that to begin with, especially since all nuzlocke trainers had suffered many deaths in their pokemon lineups. Unfortunately, at the time, I didn’t care about their feelings, for I only thought them as cold blooded. “Yeah, you know, deeper than the holes you’ve dug for the pokemon that died under your command. Oh yeah, I’m sure the dead and bloody corpses will REALLY understand the deeper meaning of this.”

“You really are an asshole, you know that?”

“You’ve killed more than 5,000 pokemon a year and you call ME the asshole?” I actually chuckled at the thought of that; the thought that he actually said that to me was just too incredible, and not in the good way. In order for me to actually make that statement be taken seriously, I would have to be a low man, lowered even further to his level. I didn’t take that too kindly, but I tried to keep myself as level-headed as I could; it didn’t turn out to well. “Jeez, what a fucking hypocrite.”

“So what are you doing to do, hm?” Christian asked. “You walk onto this arena and disrupt the fight by not only taking away two of the pokemon involved, but you also punched a member of the elite four. Obviously, there has to be some sort of plan that you thought up to get out of this situation. Dead or alive, the pokemon you now have in your hands is still considered theft, and the guards watching the doors won’t be too happy with you if you resist.”

“Well…” I looked over at where Suu-cra was supposed to be standing. I say ‘supposed’ because, when I looked back to my previous position, he was no longer there. My heart skipped a beat; I no longer had any backup to cover me. I looked back at Christian, watching him as a large grin began to reveal itself on his and his pokemon’s faces. “I guess I’m pretty screwed.”

“You never had a plan, did you?” Christian asked.

“I did; it’s just that I’m missing someone.”

“Well, I’m glad that other man actually thought the situation through,” Christian began to say. He took one step towards me, and the two pokemon beside him followed. I knew I was alone on this one; my friends in their pokeballs wouldn’t stand a chance against this guy, and the pokemon I just stole are dying! I needed to get them out of here, but there seemed to be no hope for me. “I mean, lets face it, I didn’t want to get another man involved in this.”

“What is ‘this’ exactly?” I asked.

“Why, I’d get you two arrested for thievery, with him as the accomplice,” Christian replied back, taking another step with his pokemon. Once again, I took a step back. The crowd around us was cheering Christian’s name, and my heart began to slow down as the cheers became louder and louder. I felt like everyone was actually cheering on for my own demise. I guess that’s popularity for you; people care so much for the popular people when, in comparison, they couldn’t give a shit for the people in the smaller crowd like me. “Something simple for me to do; in fact, I might as well call the guards down right now.”

“No!” I yelled out. I doubt he even heard me though; even though he was only a few meters away, the crowd was at its loudest uproar at that moment in time. I saw him direct his attention to some of the guards at the door. Slowly, he raised his hand with his palm directed to the ceiling. Christian waved his hand, directing the guards to come over to my position. “Christian, you can’t be serious!”

“Or, you can prove how loyal you are to what you preach and challenge me right now.”

“That makes no sense!” I yelled out as the guards began to run towards the arena. “You want me to prove how much am I against nuzlocking and death in pokemon battles by challenging you to a pokemon battle where death will occur? How does that make any logical sense?”

“You must be a new protester, I guess.” At first, I was confused at the remark, but then he began to elaborate, filling me in with the details. “When protesting against something, sometimes you are going to have to protest from within. Honestly, how else would you protest successfully against me if you didn’t at least take away the beings that are holding me onto this nuzlocke challenge?”

“They aren’t holding you to it! You’re holding yourself to it and dragging them along with you!”

“I had enough of you.” Christian looked over to the guards, and I turned over to them too. The last time I saw them they were just entering the arena, and now they were already grabbing my arms and shuffling me to the side. I gripped onto the pokeballs tightly, hoping to dear Arceus that I could at least save these two lives. I didn’t want to see anymore deaths today, for I’ve already seen too much.

Before the guards could yank out the pokeballs from my hands, something incredible occurred; the pokeballs themselves began to levitate out of my hands. I am not even joking; the pokeballs just floated, I repeat, floated out of my hands. At first, you might think I’m a bit insane, but there is actually some good reasoning behind this; they were being levitated by the move of a psychic type pokemon.

The guards, Christian, and I watched as the pokeballs levitated towards the audience. Slowly, the pokeballs flew over the audience’s heads, befuddling them. The audience’s curiosity made them continue watching the pokeballs levitate. Suddenly, the pokeballs began to drop, and they were heading towards the exit of the room.

Before they could hit the ground, another person appeared before the door. He had an espeon, a psychic type pokemon, on his shoulder. The espeon’s fox/cat-like appearance along with its purple fur, split tail and its red gem on its forehead made me recognize it almost immediately. I couldn’t see the person from here, but from what I heard in his voice he seemed to be only a couple years younger than me. “I’ll be taking these guys from here, Conrad!” The person yelled over to me.

At first, I was confused at how he knew my name, but then I remembered the first man that knew my name before I revealed it to him; Sue-cra. It was then that I grinned; Sue-cra had mentioned him having a few members of his organization here, and that trainer must’ve been one of the members. Unfortunately, I would never get to meet him ever again; I never even got the chance to thank him after all those years after this day.

“Damnit!” Christian yelled out. “Guards, go get that kid! I’ll handle this Conrad guy!”

The guards didn’t hesitate; upon their given orders they dashed out of the arena. Huffs of air were being taken in and out of their heads as they began to speed up their pace, hoping so dearly that the mysterious trainer wouldn’t run away too far. I was left in the middle of the arena, and soon I began to run after them too; I didn’t know why, but for some reason I just felt the urge to get out of here as soon as possible.

After a few meters, I began to ‘feel’ something ringing in my pocket. My PDA was ringing. I turned over to Christian, watching as he looked over to me with pure anger in his eyes. His sceptile and blaziken was now right next to him. Finally, he began to walk towards me, bringing his pokemon closer to me with each passing step. I only grinned as I reached into the pocket. “Today marks the day of a new age,” I began. “A new age of-“


I didn’t know where the yell came from; it came from someone in the audience. I didn’t even have time to completely react to that nonsense; I only looked over to where I thought the sound originated from. Unfortunately, I ignored something crucial; during the turn, I got a glimpse of Christian’s face. He was frightened; frightened to the point that he knew that his own life was thought to be on the line. I didn’t think about it at the time, but now I realize that he had to do something in order to keep himself alive.

Before I could even take the PDA out of my pocket, I heard two words said in a terrified manner. “Sceptile, get him with leaf blade, quick!”

Christian was scared. He didn’t want his life to end, and because of that audience member my life was now on the line. The sceptile was coming towards me at a pace that was faster that me picking the PDA from my pocket. Before I knew it, the sceptile was right in front of me, and its eyes were glowing in a very ferocious-looking yellow. It gave me one extra second to react, so I quickly tried taking my PDA out of my pocket to show them that I was innocent.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t pull it out all the way… that is, while I was still conscious.


The Sceptile’s sharp leaves penetrated my body as a harsh amount of blood began to pour out from my body. The pain was horrendous, and everything that was taking place in my body seemed to slow down. I could feel my heart slowing down as my breaths began to cease entirely. My eyes were stuck as wide as they could be as they were looking directly at the assailant in front of me.

In my last remaining ounces of energy, I flung the PDA out of my pocket. Almost immediately, the crowd began to scream, terrified that a man was now attacked; an innocent one at that. I only had my PDA; I didn’t even own a gun. Christian, from what I heard from my nearly-unconscious body, began to scream frantically. “Sceptile! Take it out! Take it out! He doesn’t have a gun! Take your blade out!”

Frantically, the sceptile yanked his blade from my stomach. That was when I could feel the blood rush even faster from my body. Now, without something holding me up, I fell to my knees. The world around me began to slowly darken, becoming pitch black in only a few moments. The sounds around me began to fade as I last heard footsteps rush along the dirt and blood beside me. The darkness had reached me once again, and in those moments I felt like I wasn’t going to wake up;

I felt like I was going to die.


Huh... I didn't update as fast as I wanted to. Aw well.

Banner drawn by :iconcocosnowlo: I highly recommend that you check out cocosnowlo's gallery. It's amazing.

-Pokemon is made by Nintendo
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omfg that's horrible! :omfg: have to read the next chapter immediately.
Oh and by the way, there were some moments while reading I had to laugh so hard (until the serious part that is) For example, Conrad talking about his opinion on women or him always losing his temper when talking to Suu-cra. I don't know it's just quiet amusing :D
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It's always the little things. :)
I can't exactly remember which chapter had Conrad's opinion on women. I need to find that.
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